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About The Puppet Factory


We have over
1000 Puppets
in stock
and ready to ship!



With over twenty years of experience, we offer a huge selection of puppets for schools, clubs, Church, ministry teams, counseling, therapy and fun!
Our puppets offer great educational value; they inspire personal expression, promote selfesteem
and initiate peer interaction.



The Puppet Factory website has been designed for
your easy shopping convenience, whilst offering
you Quality Puppets at affordable prices.
To the left we have 100's of puppets in many
different categories for you to choose from.
We carry major brands of puppets as well as our
own, direct from The Puppet Factory. These
include glove puppets, full body puppets, large
professional puppets, children's puppets, half
body puppets, finger puppets, marionette string
puppets, puppet theatres, and associated products.




Stories from the bible will come to life with the use of
Our biblical puppets are great for entertaining and
teaching biblical truths. Children participate in the
lesson with the use of biblical puppets and they feel
like they are part of the story. We carry a wide
variety of biblical puppets including king, Shepherd
Boy, Guard, to Christian kids and animal puppets.




And of course we have a zoo full of animal puppets.
These are a great teaching tool, helping children learn
about the environment, conservation and nature. We
carry a large selection of different types and species of
animal puppets. From monkeys, bears, fish, and farm
animals. To reptiles, insects, desert, forest & jungle as
well as many dog and cat puppets. We also carry the full
range of Folkmanis animal puppets, and many brands of
finger puppets.
So go ahead browse our vast selection of puppets; you
are sure to find the perfect puppet for your needs.



CMI (Creative Ministries International) is a charity aimed at helping deprived and often lost children, globally who in many cases do not understand the meaning of love.

Formed back in 2000 by Harry Barrett (founder of One Way UK, and The Puppet Factory) as a result of him visiting Romania, and witnessing first hand the appalling conditions orphaned children as young as 3yrs to 16yrs were living in. On his return, he immediately turned his attention to raising support and much needed funds. Click here to see what CMI are involved in.


The Puppet Factory, PO Box 689, Banbury, Oxfordshire, OX16 6JB, England Phone: 01295 477 050

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